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Improvisation is at the core of Laura’s work, both as an artist and facilitator. She sees improvisation as a way to rediscover the connection between our environment and our bodies through movement, words and sounds. 

When facilitating an improvisation session, Laura invites participants to pay attention to the present moment by moving, listening, seeing, hearing, touching and looking, as well as allowing time to process and share by discussing, asking, speaking, writing, moving and being still.

Through the class, the invitations may be:
- an anatomical exploration, sometimes involving hands-on work or movement patterns that highlight the physiological relationship of certain body parts.
- an imaginative approach to movement -where instructions will deploy images that evoke sensations and increase awareness
- or something in between!

The classes aim to create a safe environment where everyone - regardless of their previous experiences with movement - can play and craft, with no judgement.


To move without a prescribed form can feel exposing but also liberating. Improvising is about accepting the here and now in order to allow multiple possibilities to surprise us. 



(dates tbc)

London Contemporary dance School - Improvisation into performance  (APRIL - JULY 2024) 

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