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Entre is a film that looks at the space between Argentine Tango and Contemporary dance. 

While challenging the roles within dance - We watch as two women continuously swap between leading and following; disrupting the narratives that are embedded in partner dancing.

The stories to read are infinite, as the possibilities that arise from meeting one another.

Film credit: Henry Curtis

75 ways to say beautiful

75 ways to say beautiful is a solo work that deals with questions of gender, power and privilege. The work aims at disrupting our (un)conscious bias towards patriarchal structures, becoming more aware of  the ways in which those continue to shape our identity. In my experience, the dance industry perpetuates a certain degree of  violence on the  female body: The piece questions that grey area between the comfort of complying  and the desire to rebel against what is socially established,

Film credit: Elsa Petit

Designing Time

Designing time (56 of 68).jpg

This performance was created in collaboration with artist Helga Schmidt, founder of Uchronia. Designing Time uses Improvisation as a tool to reimagine the ways in which we relate to the concept of time.

Bodily temporality offers a valuable alternative to the system of clocks and calendars that dominates our existence.


Can we envision a time that moves with bodily desires, in fits and starts?


Image Credit: Francisco Ibáñez Hantke

Wolves will be watching

Wolves Will Be Watching was originally created by Igor Urzelai and Moreno Solinas in 2015.- They generously gifted this piece to The Sparse Collective. Since then The Sparse embarked on a week of R&D in Sardinia at S’ALA Spazio Per Artisti (Sassari) where they started to re-invest themselves in the themes and concepts of the piece.


Wolves Will Be Watching explores the seductive and often oppressive influence of the mass media over our individual and collective identities and how this affects our desire to be seen by the outside world. Using our bodies to dance, to sing, to scream, to seduce, to protest and to provoke.

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